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Welcome to 2 bays radio. The home of excellent music and superb talent….
Seriously, we try NOT to take ourselves to seriously!
Our listener base is as vast and varied as our Dj's!
From Progressive Rock to deep dark dance choons and all in between.
From oldies to newies.
Here at 2 bays radio we just provide the stage, the dj's provide the talent!
Our music is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Our friendly auto dj keeps you company during the day with a variety of choons to keep you going, and our overnight chill sounds to keep you company in the wee small hours.
The evenings are where the action happens mainly though. With a variety of live and pre recorded shows. Check out our schedule.
Fancy a bash?
Get in touch with us here at 2 bays radio, we are open minded. You are more likely to get a slot should you be a little different. We like different!
Either personality or music!
Just another mix cd won't cut it here!

Get in touch – or find us on facebook!

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Meet our DJ's

Niley B

Niley B has been in music for a very long time!
At the age of 11 he started in bands as a bass player, all the way through school, to trying to be a pop star in his teens and finally a few bands in his 20's.
Nile's first foray into djing was in the late 80's standing in for the dj at the rock and alternative club in the now defunct Salisbury Hotel in Scarborough. In his late 20's and early 30's, Nile was in a musical wilderness. Having fallen out of love with the band scene and therefore out of love with music all together, preferring to listen to 80s' classic such as The Blue Nile, Talk Talk & Prefab Sprout as oppose to anything remotely modern or dancey. So pretty much missing out on the 90's – something he regrets. In the 2000's Nile found his way back into the music industry, this time as a singer. Travelling around pubs and clubs singing a variety of songs from classic 80's anthems up to Ultrabeat and Guetta. He found his way back to djing totally by accident while looking for singing gigs. A venue had lost their Friday night fella and asked if Nile could do it. So he did. Embracing the new age of DJ controllers and discovering a new love for music – especially dance music of all types. On what became funky Fridays – he built up a clientele of people with a mix of chart remixes, classics and good old clubland . Even coming out from behind the dj stand to sing the odd bit of pretty green eyes. After that Niley had various residences. Funky Fridays, Feelgood Fridays, Saturdays at Beez bar, Boleyns Nightclub, Blue Lounge and much more. A chat with the legendary Dave Beeson of the now closed brilliant Pier Nightclub at Cleethorpes ( IP L ) led him to internet radio. Playing his eclectic mixes on various stations, mostly now defunct unfortunatley, inc Addiction Radio, Monkey Radio etc. Even a stint on local community Radio!
Steve Palmer

Hi im Steve I present the 70s and 80s show on 2bays radio.

I'm a big fan of Rugby Union, music and some of the artists ive seen in concert include Madonna,Texas,Luther Vandross, and Micheal Jackson.
Alex Armani
I was born in the early '70s. Home Computers came out in the early 80s, I started playing Computer Games. I seriously got back into music in the late '80s when sampling arrived. Computer Generated Music! My first 12" was "Beat Dis" by Bomb The Bass. In the early '90s I started listening to Peat Tong's Essential Selection, I left University in '95, and went back to live at my parents in Malton, North Yorkshire. I started Playing Out in '97 as a Mobile playing cool music like Pete Tong. In 2003 all my Equipment was stolen and I retired from Djing. I started to get back into DJing when Virtual DJ arrived, which leads us up to today. These days I live in Scarborough, and I like to listen to Rock Music when I go out. Bands Like The Chili Peppers, Blink 182, Sum 41 and Green Day, I play Mostlty Dark Deep Electro Tech-House, Commercial Dance and Cheesy Chart and a little Drumm and Bass sometimes.
Two good eggs on 2Bays Radio !

The ‘2Ws’, Brian Watson and Mike Whitfield, first kept bumping into each other at a number of Progressive Rock gigs and festivals up and down the country. And not once did they spill any beer ! They have known each other very many several years now and regularly get together once a month to make the magic happen. They also record the odd radio show or two – and boy, some of them are odd! Brian was born, raised and lives in God’s Own Country – Yorkshire and Mike, originally from London, now lives further down the East Coast Mainline in Peterborough. Someone has to, I guess. ‘The Beginner’s Guide To Prog’ show is designed to showcase all that is good about Progressive Rock music – from its early beginnings and development to the modern and contemporary worldwide scene. It aims to introduce listeners to works and artists they may otherwise have been unaware of. Brian and Mike even play some dance music on occasion, showing how the genres can be quite closely associated. No-one is harmed during the recording of the 2 hour shows – although they sometimes overstretch themselves into a third hour … whenever possible. The shows go out on the first Sunday of each month from 8.00-10.00pm-ish (GMT) and are repeated each Sunday thereafter, until the next month’s show is broadcast. Everyone is invited – dress code optional. Capes are permissible …

Hi my name is Bev C and i love to play cheesy dance tunes to get you in that party mood.
I was Born in N.E lincs, musical influences Marc Bolan and t-rex, Status Quo and all British rock and Glam bands, been presenting for 5 yrs

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